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Pooch Pouch Dog Walking and Treat Bag

Pooch Pouch Dog Walking and Treat Bag

SKU: PP001

PoochPouch is a lightweight bag that attaches to your dog's lead for easy dog-walking pleasure.

A pouch big enough to carry your phone, poop bags, sunscreen, keys, toys and treats, PoochPouch is the ultimate dog walking companion (apart from your actual pooch!)

PoochPouch is designed to attach directly and securely to your dogs lead so that you can both be paw and hands-free on your adventures together!
Most treat bags aren’t big enough to hold all your and your dog’s goodies or big enough to fit your hands in. PoochPouch is.

Made with durable and waterproof material, Pooch Pouch has been designed to make your daily dog walks much more practical and pleasurable. You won’t need to leave the ball at home, your camera will always be at the ready for those dog-snaps and you and your pooch can enjoy the true pleasures of the outdoors together.

PoochPouch has an inner secure zip pocket so that your keys won’t scratch your phone inside the bag, or you can use it to hide those special smelly treats

Don’t lose or forget anything on your dog walks again!
Dimensions 150x90x50mm
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